1. sartono said:

    alkhamdulilah alqur’an bisa di pelajari lewat net semoga bisa menjadi petunjuk bagi orang yang mau mempelajari-nya amin

  2. sartono said:

    lumayan alqur’bisa di baca di di sini semoga bisa menjadi petrunjuk bagi orang yang mau menbaca dan menkajinya amin

    • sartono said:

      lumayan alqur’an bisa di baca di sini semoga bisa menjadi petunjuk bagi orang yang mau mempelajarinya amin..

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        merde , moi en temps qu’ancien bassiste de Kekko , j’ai plus “morflé” que vous …. infarctus , c’est quand même plus important que vos petits problèmes de rhumato……. alors , j’exige d’aller avec vous à st barth . Ou j’appelle une cellule de soutien psychologique !!

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        Triste è leggere il commento dagli USA "violenze ingiustificabili da parte di Hamas". E queste cosa sarebbero? Restiamo umani diceva Vittorio. Come è difficile

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        saye nk taw, cne dye kire unit? saye dapat jurusan agama. saye nak tukar.. so saye nak taw yang saye ni masih boleh ke tak boleh untuk tukar..

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          JamesOctober 30, 2012Hi Ron, I initially thought the same thing. Specific to the Kinetic, there are no magnet(s) at the bottom of the bottle holder (tested by running a magnet both inside and outside of the bottle holder). However, other packs do have a magnet to hold the bottle in place. If it is a health benefit, I haven’t notice it (but it sounds good). Thanks for your comments.

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        Nalini Singh is definitely a great writer. I couldn’t get into her Psy-Changeling series, but I love the Guild Hunter series and have read every book released so far. Definitely great world building!Love the place you attended the wedding, looks so beautiful and romantic. I get into historical settings like that. Hope you do get a chance to go back!As for your WIP, I think we all get side-tracked occasionally. So long as you get back to it, that is what is important!